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Warmer basement lower costsWe are a small business with 25 years experience in remodeling throughout Northeast Ohio. We pride ourselves in friendly, professional and personal service - we build relationships as well as homes.

Our clients trust us. They believe strongly enough in who we are and what we do that they tell their friends. These recommendations keep us doing what we enjoy - bringing your ideas to life.

We are proud to be Summit County, Ohio's only certified Premier Basement System installer. There are a lot of things we love about the Premier Basement System. We are cautious about the materials we choose to put in your home, because we believe as remodelers it is our duty to keep you safe as well as protect the environment. The Premier Basement System is environmentally sound, made locally from recycled materials.

We stand behind our work. We believe communication is key to any good relationship especially the one you have with us.

According to an article on, the top 8 steps in hiring a contractor are:
1. Get recommendations
2. Do phone interviews
3. Meet face to face
4. Investigate the facts
5. Make plans, get bids
6. Set a payment schedule
7. Don't let price be your guide
8. Put it in writing

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